#GOGREEN for 2019

Our New Year's Resolution:

In 2019 we will make our business more environmentally friendly.

This year, we plan to make the world ever so slightly greener.

This is a daunting task: there are so many ways that we might be more energy efficient, reduce, reuse and recycle, and minimise our carbon footprint. Here's the first part of our New Year's Resolution to #GoGreen for 2019!


A lot of the clothing that we sell arrives in store already on a black plastic hanger. Lots of customers do not want or need a black hanger, so we end up throwing them away.

Go Green for 2019: We will discuss with our suppliers how best to reduce the number of hangers we receive. The hangers we do receive, we will reuse or send back.


We currently give out a (very pretty) plastic carrier, and we do not charge as we are under the '250 staff' limit required by law. This law seems likely to change in 2019 anyway.

Go Green for 2019: We will review paper carrier bags. These are not always environmentally friendly, yet, as they are harder to make than plastic. Other options might be a cotton shopper, or a jute bag.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We are quite good at reusing paper packaging, and we do now have a recycling wheelie bin. We do some printing in the office.

Go Green for 2019: One of the ways we might improve is by using food waste caddy (currently this goes into the landfill bin).

Beach Clean

Weston-super-Mare has a huge beach - Weston Bay. It's a big, beautiful beach with lots of small, dangerous plastic.

Go Green for 2019: We will join a regular beach clean. We may even organise our own!

Energy Efficiency

Our big, old building has plenty of quirky nooks and crannies, and I know there are lots of places where heat escapes through open doors, lights illuminate empty stock rooms, kettles are boiled and reboiled, and computers screens are left on.

Go Green for 2019: We will change habits and switch off as often as we can. We will invest in LED lighting where possible.


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