What bra is best?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

At Walker & Ling, our expert bra fitters are fully trained and have many years of experience when it comes to fitting bras. We have some of the best quality and most well known brands in lingerie such as Triumph, Sloggi, Fantasie, Charnos, Lepel and Naturana.

So here we try to help you find which bra is best for you.

How do you find the perfect fit for your bra?

Our team have lots of experience fitting all different shapes and sizes of bras. Our most popular bra is from Triumph. The expert bra designers at Triumph have helped train our team. Here is their recommended bra fitting process:

There are three variables that you have to take into account when determining bra sizes for women: Under bust width, bust circumference and style that fits to that equation. Measure the under bust width with a measuring tape: The measure has to be taken just below the bust, quite tightly but comfortable enough to allow you to breathe normally. Read the measurement from the tape and round up or down if necessary, to the nearest multiple of five, i.e. 75, 80, 85 etc. For the cup size please measure the bust circumference. The measure has to be taken on the widest part of the bust with a fairly loose measuring tape. Ensure the measuring tape is at the same height across the bust as across your back. Read the measurement from the tape. Now you have your measurements.

Measurements are comparatively easy to take, and anyone with a tape measure can do it (perhaps with a little help from a willing friend).

The important step is then applying the measurements to the bra. This is a little more 'art' than 'science'. Each manufacturer applies different shapes and sizes to their bras, so the same size does not fit all.

The best way to fit at this stage is to try different bras. Easy!

5 Bras to Try

1. Triumph Amourette

A firm favourite at Walker & Ling, the Triumph Amourette is a lined lace bra that is "a pleasure to behold with its elegant look and wonderful selection of colours." The favourite is, of course, white. Available at Walker & Ling for £36.

Triumph Amourette

Triumph Amourette

2. Sloggi Zero Feel

Sloggi have developed a new ultra lightweight fabric which is still soft and supportive. The Zero Feel range is quite new for us, but it has been very popular already. This Sloggi Zero Feel bra is £25.50.

Sloggi Zero Feel

Sloggi love it so much, they've created a fun video to shout about their Zero Feel range...

3. Lepel Fiore

Another firm favourite at Walker & Ling, the Lepel Fiore range is "exquisitely designed to leave you feeling incredible". Available on the lingerie department for £26.

Lepel Fiore

Lepel Fiore

4. Fantasie Alicia

Fantasie covers larger cup sizes and is one of our best-selling brands. The Fantasie Alicia is one of our patterned bras for this Autumn Winter. The carnations give it "a perfectly feminine look". This Fantasie Alicia bra is £35.

Fantasie Alicia

5. Naturana 5046

This Naturana bra is popular as a non-wired soft cup option, and at £14.99 it's a good value item too.

Naturana 5046

Naturana 5046

Join the Bra Amnesty

Give all your old bras a new lease of life and help raise money for our breast cancer research.

Deposit your unwanted wearable bras in the BRA BANK and they will be whisked away to Africa where there is a short supply of affordable bras.

Against Breast Cancer will receive a donation based on the weight of bras we collect - so every bra counts! " It's an uplifting way to support our work"

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