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For 11 weeks this spring we have been reinstating the post-war architecture of Walker & Ling.

In June 1942, a 500lb oil bomb burnt most of the north end of the high street to the ground. Over 10 years, Walker & Ling was rebuilt and reinstated. The design, officially opened in 1956, was a very 'modern' building, in the architectural style of the day. It featured a mosaic of blue/green tiles, a walk-in 'vitrine' style window, and brass lettering over the doors.

The tiles are still manufactured in Italy by the same company who made them in the 50s. The terrazzo flooring is made in the style of that time, and the brass lettering, lit by the overhead brass lamp, are all reminiscent of that time.

The project is co-managed and part-funded by North Somerset Council and Historic England, as part of the Heritage Action Zone Shopfront Enhancement scheme. Walker & Ling is the first store to be enhanced by this project. For more information, please get in touch.

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